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The Red Circle Slayer & the 3X Killer

Head over to the podcast tab and listen to Episode 1 of the Crime & the City Podcast, a double feature blast from the past where I dive into the unsolved crimes of the Red Circle Slayer and the 3X Killer in the 1930s.

Crime scene photos from the Red Circle Slayer double homicide:

The Red Circle Slayer victims, Lewis Weiss and Frances Hajek:

Media Coverage of Frances & Lewis' murders:

Composite Sketch of the 3X Killer & his first letter to police:

The 3X Killer's Letters:

- The note handed to Catherine after Joseph was murdered:

Joseph Mozynski


- First letter sent to police:

Kindly print this letter in your paper for Mozynski’s friends: CC-NY ADCM-Y16a DQR-PA 241 PM6 Queens. By doing this you may save their lives. We do not want any more shooting unless we have to.

- Letter sent to police after 3X killed Noel Sowley:

“V-5 Sowley was one of Mozynski’s friends, thirteen more men and one woman will go if they do not make peace with us and stop bleeding us to death.”

- Final letter to police:

N.J. 4-3-44 returned to us the 19 at 9 p.m. My mission is ended. There is no further cause for worry."

Media coverage of the 3X killer:


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